Wealth Management & Private Banking Summit - Russia & CIS

Adam Smith 9th International Summit

17 - 18 April 2018

Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow, Russia



Gala Evening Sponsor

We host annual Gala Evening where all participants enjoy great food and entertainment

Evening includes a three course meal, drinks, a speech from a high profile figure and live music

Co-hosting our Gala Evening offers targeted networking at your reserved tables as well as winning the hearts and minds of all participants

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Magazine "BANKING"

Headquartered in the heart of London and with nine offices worldwide, CS Global Partners is at the forefront of the citizenship and residence by investment industry. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals is dedicated to finding the best solution to the needs of global individuals seeking freedom of mobility, personal security, economic prosperity, and a healthier and happier lifestyle.

With its reputation for excellence, CS Global Partners was selected by the governments of Dominica, Grenada, and St. Kitts and Nevis to promote, develop, and safeguard the integrity of their citizenship by investment programmes.

Micha-Rose Emmett is the Group Managing Director of CS Global Partners, and is a dual-qualified attorney in the United Kingdom and South Africa with years of practice in the fields of citizenship, residence, immigration, and foreign investment law. Her team of multi-lingual professionals, fluent in over 12 languages, operate with absolute discretion, efficiency, and effectiveness – focusing on outstanding client service as the cornerstone of CS Global Partners’ success.

For more information on CS Global Partners and citizenship solutions, kindly visit www.csglobalpartners.com

10 Dover Street



TEL: 0207 318 4343


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The management of GSA is pleased to provide this project for sustainable shrimp farming. This company has been founded and endorsed by the government of Grenada as an approved Citizenship by Investment Project. Our environmentally friendly approach to aquaculture can offer significant economic growth. Our goal is to substantially add to the Gross Domestic Product of Grenada while creating more than 400 local jobs. GSA is building a Recirculating Aquaculture System capable of producing 7200 tons of pathogen free organic shrimp per anum with exquisite flavor. No antibiotics or chemicals will be used. The shrimp will be sold to regional resorts, the cruise line, South American market and US distributors.


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Founded in 1977, Pafilia is the largest privately owned residential developer in Cyprus, dedicated to delivering the best in concept, design, quality and service. Pafilia is also a market leader in the permanent residency and citizenship through real estate investment programs.  The Pafilia promise is to provide first-class properties with exemplary and contemporary facilities and service that offer exceptional choices for both living and investing. Pafilia selects world renowned partners to complement its skills and achieve its innovative project visions.  Our extensive and high-quality portfolio, strong partner network and professional personalised service make Pafilia the ideal immigration and property partner in Cyprus.


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Attorneys-at-law Astashkevich & partners provides the full range of legal services to private clients on cases of honor and dignity, business reputation, succession and structuring of assets abroad, complex family disputes and cross-border division of property.
We work closely with clients and their advisers to implement the most effective structure and deliver the most appropriate solutions and services.
Our firm also advises international and domestic clients in all areas of business law relevant to their business activities, ranging from corporate, tax and competition, cross-border litigation, dispute resolution: arbitration and mediation.
The key areas of expertise are metallurgy, oil-and-gas, pharmaceutical industries, banking sector, real estate and construction.


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C&C Grenadines is a development and project finance company and are currently developing The Point at Petite Calivigny in Grenada - a five-star resort with over 100 units including luxury villas, condominiums, bungalows and suites. As an approved project under the Grenada citizenship program, investors get an upscale environment for the vacation experiences of a lifetime and a second passport.




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Established in 1982 by Umberto Belluzzo, Belluzzo & Partners advises Clients on all aspects of business activity and development. The Firm’s professionals work in synergy to offer interdisciplinary consultancy in the fields of Tax, Legal, Accounting and Estate Planning. The Firm has a specific expertise in the Wealth Management industry. Belluzzo & Partner’s offices are supported by an international network of correspondents located in major markets and business centres in over 100 countries around the world.

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PRIME PROPERTY GROUP  was founded in Cyprus back in 2003 as a real estate broker and since then it has become one of the most prestigious and experienced property services provider of the island with offices in Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca.

Throughout the company’s history and through its dealings with both international and local home buyers, the company has built a strong reputation of integrity, commitment and excellence. We provide services in 4 major sectors: Property Development (dozens of own development projects in Limassol) ; Real Estate Brokerage( thousands of carefully selected properties for sale) ; Immigration To EU by Investment( Cyprus permanent residency permit for property buyers and EU citizenship by investment in real estate) and  Rentals and rental management( thousands of carefully selected properties for rent).


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Businesses and individuals considering investment into Cyprus have a partner on the ground at all stages of the investment cycle. Invest Cyprus is a non-profit national body and the government’s dedicated partner responsible for the facilitation of investments into Cyprus. In close collaboration with all government authorities, public institutions as well as the private sector and international experts, Invest Cyprus is the investor’s first point of contact.

Invest Cyprus takes the lead in attracting and facilitating Foreign Direct Investment in key economic sectors, working with the investor, for the investor. Dedicated to continuously improving the business and regulatory environment, Invest Cyprus advocates reform while providing continuous investor support and aftercare services.

Invest Cyprus is a member of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) and the Mediterranean Investment Network, ANIMA.



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APEX Capital Partners Corp. is an experienced consulting
firm providing expert advice in the areas of citizenship
acquisition, global wealth and asset management, international finance,
investor immigration and real estate investments.
For over 20 years, APEX Capital Partners Corp. has been guiding
clients through the complexities of engaging in foreign investments,
undergoing immigration proceedings and obtaining a second passport.
APEX Capital Partners Corp. is dedicated to servicing High Net Worth
Individuals and also provides speciality services to consultants,
financial institutions and lawyers around the world in relation to
citizens personal matters.

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Chetcuti Cauchi is a  law firm serving successful entrepreneurs, business families and institutions using the financial centres of Malta and Cyprus, and their advisors around the globe.  With offices in  MaltaCyprus and  London , we advise clients seamlessly on their business and private legal needs both at home and abroad. Our unique multi-disciplinary set-up of over 80 lawyers, tax advisors, accountants, company administrators and relocation advisors allows us to provide the full spectrum of legal, immigration, tax and company formation services under one roof.  This cross-functional arrangement appeals to discerning clients that range from High Net Worth individuals and families, to entrepreneurs and blue chip companies. The firm serves as a trusted advisor to personal and corporate end-clients as well as international law firms, tax advisors, accountants, private bankers and family offices worldwide.

Our Private Client practice focuses on EU Citizenship & Residency planning, Personal Tax and international Wealth Structuring.  We also provide structures for the holding and VAT minimization of high value assets including aircraft, super yachts and art.


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Group-IB is one of the global leaders in preventing and investigating high-tech crimes and online fraud. Since 2003, the company has been active in the field of computer forensics and information security, protecting the largest international companies against financial losses and reputation risks.
We are recognized by Gartner as a threat intelligence vendor with strong cyber security focus and the ability to provide leading insight to the Eastern European region and recommended by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).
Group-IB’s experience has been fused into the
Bot-Trek information security ecosystem — an array of highly sophisticated software and hardware solutions to monitor, identify and prevent cyber threats.


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Private Wealth Asia Society is the premier community platform and non-profit industry organization that connects private investors with wealth industry practitioners in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia.

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Франко-российская торгово-промышленная палата (CCI France Russie) ведет свою деятельность в Москве с 1997 года, когда была основана Ассоциация «Клуб Франция»: Бизнес-клуб естественным образом преобразовался в Торгово-Промышленную Палату, которая присоединилась в 2006 году к CCI France International (Союзу Торгово-Промышленных Палат Франции за рубежом), первой частной сети французских предприятий в мире, представленной в 85 странах и объединяющей более 32000 предприятий.

CCI France Russie сегодня – это крупнейшая сеть, объединяющая французский бизнес в России. Палата насчитывает более 450 компаний-членов: 35 компаний, учитываемых при расчете индекса CAC 40, а также сотни предприятий малого и среднего бизнеса из различных отраслей экономики. Франко-российская торгово-промышленная палата является динамично развивающейся организацией (количество участников увеличивается на 20% ежегодно) и входит в пятерку крупнейших торгово-промышленных палат Франции за рубежом.

Деятельность CCI France Russie обеспечивает команда из 50 постоянных сотрудников под руководством 18 Администраторов добровольцев. CCI France Russie является некоммерческой Ассоциацией, которая финансируется за счет взносов компаний-членов, не получает никаких государственных дотаций и не подчиняется административному надзору, являясь таким образом правомерным, объективным и независимым голосом деловой российско-французской общественности.

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Offshore Pro Group owns OffshoreWealth.info – the first and still biggest offshore news blog in the Russian language that firmly established Offshore Pro Group as the leaders in internet marketing of offshore services into the burgeoning Russia/CIS market.Offshore Pro Group helps successful entrepreneurs and individuals to achieve effective, safe, confidential, affordable and compliant international company structures. We are a worldwide group of professional corporate service providers, focused on provision of these private banking and wealth management services over the internet through a combined marketing channel.

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ОЮЛ «Ассоциация банков Республики Казахстан» (АБРК) - негосударственная некоммерческая организация, добровольно объединяющая банки второго уровня, создана с 1993 года для представления и защиты интересов своих членов и координации их деятельности.

С 1997 года ассоциация начала выпуск ежемесячного финансового журнала «Банки Казахстана» (профессиональный журнал для обмена опытом,  мнениями и обсуждения общих проблем). На сегодняшний  день остаются актуальными и востребованными также такие подразделения, как:

1)  Алматинский Центр Банковского Обучения – современный институт повышения квалификации банковских работников.

2) Школа Бизнеса «Евразия» - возможность получения лучшего мирового бизнес-образования.         

3) Постоянно действующий Арбитраж при ОЮЛ «Ассоциация банков Республики Казахстан», как эффективный инструмент урегулирования споров.

В настоящее время  ра­зрабатывается новая к­онцепции развития АБР­К, которая позволит м­аксимально использова­ть накопленный истори­ческий опыт, междунар­одный имидж и признан­ие ассоциации, потенц­иал и перспективы  ра­звития существующих а­ссоциативных институт­ов, руководствуясь вы­сокими профессиональн­ыми стандартами и кор­поративными ценностям­и членов АБР­К.

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The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (BLCCR) is the unique active business-platform of the Benelux countries in Russia. BLCCR has the role to promote economic and trade relations between the Eurasian Economic Union and the Belgium–Luxembourg Economic Union (BLEU).
Headquartered in Moscow, it is at your disposal to inform you and support you in your projects.
BLCCR activities are very large and numerous and are expressed through concrete performances, such as trade-missions, international contacts exchanges, conferences, roundtables, and other events centered on business opportunities.

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SPEAR’S Russia is the most trustworthy and influential private banking & wealth management magazine in Russia.

Similar to the original London-based edition, SPEAR’S Russia targets two main audiences – high and ultra-high net worth individuals, as well as private banking & wealth management industry professionals.

PBWM.ru is Russia's first and only online portal dedicated exclusively to private banking & wealth management services.

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Interfax is the leading information group in the CIS and the recognized leader in the B2B segment of Russia’s information market. Interfax was founded in 1989, when a group of journalists formed an information agency that became the first nongovernmental outlet for the political and economic news about the Soviet Union. Interfax is the most frequently cited source for information on Russia and the CIS in the world media and the most popular newswire service on the Russian financial market. Interfax develops professional information solutions that help companies operate in the financial and commodity markets, enabling them to make investment decisions, manage risk, organize external communications and fulfill regulatory requirements.

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The Finmarket Information Agency was established in 1994 and specializes in providing financial and business information intended for securities market players, including banks, financial, investment, broker and insurance companies, as well as a broad audience of specialists interested in events taking place on Russia’s financial markets. Finmarket provides a full range of original operational information on currency, stock and commodity markets, as well as retail financial services. Finmarket started at about the same time as the Russian financial market appeared and is now considered to be one of the most authoritative sources of financial, economic and business information in Russia. Today, agency offers more than 300 news, analytical comments and forecasts on daily basis and provides digital information about the services in the financial market, coming from hundreds of banks, as well as participants of OTC market and other financial institutions. Since 2007 Finmarket is a part of Interfax Information Services Group.

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Finbuzz is an online resource about social and cultural life of London’s finance professionals. We deliver timely finance news, report on finance-related and social life events, and interview key personalities in the banking and finance.

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Prime is the leading business news agency in Russia and a subsidiary of Rossiya Segodnya media company. It ranks 1st among the most-cited financial news agencies in the country.*

An outstanding team of journalists and analysts works day and night so that subscribers will be the first to know the key Russian and global economic news and events.

PRIME provides data to the Russia's Presidential Executive Office, Russian Government, Bank of Russia and other public agencies as well as to major Russian banks and companies. PRIME subscribers include news aggregators and leading business media.

PRIME has an exclusive cooperation agreement with Dow Jones Newswires in Russia, publishing news items on the global foreign exchange, commodity and stock markets.

PRIME is also accredited by the Bank of Russia to disclose securities information. The agency acts as a publisher and distributor of the Bank of Russia Bulletin.

Besides, PRIME is an official partner of major trading platforms and rating agencies. Through PRIME Inforterminal the agency can broadcast a wide range of data feeds, news and analytic items and macroeconomic data.

The agency's portfolio comprises over 40 corporate products and services, such as BIR-Analitik system – a tool for comprehensive corporate analysis and evaluation of business landscape, credibility assessment, identification of customers and market research. Another system – Prime Trading Terminal – is used to manage liquidity, conversion, deposit and credit transactions with bank subsidiaries and customers.

*According to the 1Q data by Medialogia

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Banki.ru—крупнейший независимый финансовый портал Рунета, один из самых цитируемых медиаресурсов финансовой отрасли России. Основан в 2005 году. Среди акционеров — Филипп и Кирилл Ильины-Адаевы, Елена Ищеева, инвестиционный фонд Russia Partners.

Banki.ru сегодня—это финансовый супермаркет, информационное агентство, аналитический центр, рейтинговые сервисы и тематические форумы.

Портал освещает события и предлагает продукты банковского, страхового, телекоммуникационного и инвестиционного рынков.

Ключевые задачи Banki.ru—предоставлять самую оперативную, достоверную и подробную информацию о финансовом рынке, помогать клиентам в выборе самых выгодных предложений, способствовать компаниям в поиске качественных клиентов и налаживать общение между ними.

Ежемесячная аудитория Banki.ru превышает 6 млн уникальных пользователей.

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Top Flight is an in-flight publication for passengers who fly with business aviation. The magazine was launched in 2007 and since that time has become a leader in this category.

Being a lifestyle magazine, Top Flight covers a broad spectrum of topics, including travel, business aviation, style, culture and hobbies and delivers a thorough selection of products, services and destinations of superior value and quality.

Neatly designed and well-written, the magazine creates perfect ambience for many state-of-the-art objects, be it cars, aircraft, yachts or jewelry. And the magazine covers all that topics and issues, featuring most valuable and adorable things one can get from life: destinations, masterpieces of horlogerie and jewelry etc.

The magazine also publishes information that used to be available only for market professionals: annual costs of aircraft ownership, reviews of the jet market, useful tips for constant travellers.

Top Flight is distributed in all major ports of business aviation in Russia (such as: VIP-terminals Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Pulkovo) and on boards of business aviation aircraft. The magazine belongs to a holding that controls 25% of business aviation services with flights departing from Moscow. The holding works closely with most of major business aviation companies operating in Russian market.

Our audience comprises the most affluent group of population: wealthy entepreneurs, businessmen and top-ranked executives of the biggest Russian and international companies, as well as their families. Nowadays, more than 5 000 business jets flights take off in Russia every month, carrying more than 20 000 passengers on boards in total.

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The National Banking Journal is the national scale business edition, devoted to the problems of the banking community. It was established by Association of Russian Banks in November, 2003.

The magazine covers a state of the domestic banking market, its part in the development of national economy and society, its place in the world financial system.

Three topical sections “Banks & World”, “Banks & Business”, “Banks & Society” disclose peculiarities of the bank community’s life and its activity in Russia and abroad. Every issue has a key topic, and basic articles refer to it.


127473, Russia, Moscow, Suvorovskaya pl., 1/52, 3

Tel.: +7(495)221-88-15

e-mail: nbj@nbj.ru

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«Аналитический банковский журнал» - Деловой журнал для всех, кто работает на финансовом рынке (в банках, ПФ, УК, НКО, МФО, страховых и др. компаниях) и хочет знать больше о нём. Читайте о практике и изменениях на всех рынках, регулируемых ЦБ РФ. Признан лучшим изданием о финансах и банках, выходит с 1995г.

Является популярным общеэкономическим изданием с акцентом на профессиональную аналитику. Журнал пользуется авторитетом и доверием у читателей. Подписку можно оформить: в любом почтовом отделении, с любого месяца в редакции, в агентствах альтернативной подписки. Подписной индекс Агентства «Роспечать» 72204.

Адрес редакции: Россия, 115088, г. Москва, ул. Шарикоподшипниковская, д. 11+7 (495) 773-89-15, 8985227-51-99 Е-mail: info@abajour.ru

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Magazine "BANKING" is published since January, 1994. Now is the leading scientifically-applied edition about banking business. The main readers’ audience is the higher and average management of banks, financial groups and the insurance companies, IT corporations, analytical and consulting enterprises, faculties of higher educational institutions, employees of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation and other public authorities.

Subjects of the magazine:
◾monetary and financial policy practice;
◾trends and challenges of financial markets;
◾burning issues of organization and management of banking legislation;
◾review of foreign banking practices;
◾analysis and forecast of Russian and international trends in banking business, etc.

In 2016 the magazine “BANKING” turned 22 years old!

The magazine is distributed by subscription. The subscribers are credit organizations, including Bank of Russia, individuals, libraries, higher educational establishments, research institutes, public authorities (Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Federation Council, State Duma, etc.)

According to the audience, based on results of the survey conducted by Bankir.ru portal, the magazine is specifically interesting and reputable among trade magazines, as it offers more practical and valuable information, and the most interesting.

The magazine "Banking" is represented in the Russian Science Citation Index and in the Science Electronic Library.

Award “BANKING” and Annual Christmas Ball were established by the magazine editorial office.

The magazine is independent of financial-industrial groups and government authorities.

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