Wealth Management & Private Banking Summit - Russia & CIS

Adam Smith 9th International Summit

10 - 11 April 2019

Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow, Russia



Gala Evening Sponsor

We host annual Gala Evening where all participants enjoy great food and entertainment

Evening includes a three course meal, drinks, a speech from a high profile figure and live music

Co-hosting our Gala Evening offers targeted networking at your reserved tables as well as winning the hearts and minds of all participants

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Founded in 1977, Pafilia is the largest privately owned residential developer in Cyprus, dedicated to delivering the best in concept, design, quality and service. Pafilia is also a market leader in the permanent residency and citizenship through real estate investment programs.  The Pafilia promise is to provide first-class properties with exemplary and contemporary facilities and service that offer exceptional choices for both living and investing. Pafilia selects world renowned partners to complement its skills and achieve its innovative project visions.  Our extensive and high-quality portfolio, strong partner network and professional personalised service make Pafilia the ideal immigration and property partner in Cyprus.


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Франко-российская торгово-промышленная палата (CCI France Russie) ведет свою деятельность в Москве с 1997 года, когда была основана Ассоциация «Клуб Франция»: Бизнес-клуб естественным образом преобразовался в Торгово-Промышленную Палату, которая присоединилась в 2006 году к CCI France International (Союзу Торгово-Промышленных Палат Франции за рубежом), первой частной сети французских предприятий в мире, представленной в 85 странах и объединяющей более 32000 предприятий.

CCI France Russie сегодня – это крупнейшая сеть, объединяющая французский бизнес в России. Палата насчитывает более 450 компаний-членов: 35 компаний, учитываемых при расчете индекса CAC 40, а также сотни предприятий малого и среднего бизнеса из различных отраслей экономики. Франко-российская торгово-промышленная палата является динамично развивающейся организацией (количество участников увеличивается на 20% ежегодно) и входит в пятерку крупнейших торгово-промышленных палат Франции за рубежом.

 Деятельность CCI France Russie обеспечивает команда из 50 постоянных сотрудников под руководством 18 Администраторов добровольцев. CCI France Russie является некоммерческой Ассоциацией, которая финансируется за счет взносов компаний-членов, не получает никаких государственных дотаций и не подчиняется административному надзору, являясь таким образом правомерным, объективным и независимым голосом деловой российско-французской общественности.

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SPEAR’S Russia is the most trustworthy and influential private banking & wealth management magazine in Russia.

Similar to the original London-based edition, SPEAR’S Russia targets two main audiences – high and ultra-high net worth individuals, as well as private banking & wealth management industry professionals.

PBWM.ru is Russia's first and only online portal dedicated exclusively to private banking & wealth management services.

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Журнал "Банковское дело" издается с января 1994 года. В настоящее время является ведущим научно-прикладным изданием о банковском бизнесе. Основную читательскую аудиторию составляют высший и средний менеджмент банков, финансовых групп и страховых компаний, IT корпораций, аналитических и консалтинговых предприятий, профессорско-преподавательский состав высших учебных заведений, сотрудники Администрации Президента и других органов государственной власти.

Тематика журнала:
◾практика денежно-кредитной и финансовой политики;
◾тенденции и проблемы финансовых рынков;
◾актуальные вопросы организации и управления, банковского законодательства;
◾обзор зарубежной банковской практики;
◾анализ и прогноз российских и международных тенденций в банковском бизнесе и др.

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Top Flight is an in-flight publication for passengers who fly with business aviation. The magazine was launched in 2007 and since that time has become a leader in this category.

Being a lifestyle magazine, Top Flight covers a broad spectrum of topics, including travel, business aviation, style, culture and hobbies and delivers a thorough selection of products, services and destinations of superior value and quality.

Neatly designed and well-written, the magazine creates perfect ambience for many state-of-the-art objects, be it cars, aircraft, yachts or jewelry. And the magazine covers all that topics and issues, featuring most valuable and adorable things one can get from life: destinations, masterpieces of horlogerie and jewelry etc.

The magazine also publishes information that used to be available only for market professionals: annual costs of aircraft ownership, reviews of the jet market, useful tips for constant travellers.

Top Flight is distributed in all major ports of business aviation in Russia (such as: VIP-terminals Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Pulkovo) and on boards of business aviation aircraft. The magazine belongs to a holding that controls 25% of business aviation services with flights departing from Moscow. The holding works closely with most of major business aviation companies operating in Russian market.

Our audience comprises the most affluent group of population: wealthy entepreneurs, businessmen and top-ranked executives of the biggest Russian and international companies, as well as their families. Nowadays, more than 5 000 business jets flights take off in Russia every month, carrying more than 20 000 passengers on boards in total.

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«Аналитический банковский журнал» - Деловой журнал для всех, кто работает на финансовом рынке (в банках, ПФ, УК, НКО, МФО, страховых и др. компаниях) и хочет знать больше о нём. Читайте о практике и изменениях на всех рынках, регулируемых ЦБ РФ. Признан лучшим изданием о финансах и банках, выходит с 1995г.

Является популярным общеэкономическим изданием с акцентом на профессиональную аналитику. Журнал пользуется авторитетом и доверием у читателей. Подписку можно оформить: в любом почтовом отделении, с любого месяца в редакции, в агентствах альтернативной подписки. Подписной индекс Агентства «Роспечать» 72204.

Адрес редакции: Россия, 115088, г. Москва, ул. Шарикоподшипниковская, д. 11+7 (495) 773-89-15, 8985227-51-99 Е-mail: info@abajour.ru

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PRIME is Russia's leading business news agency known for its objective coverage worldwide. With about 250 permanent staff and scores of stringers across Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the world, we provide quality live coverage of major economic and political news in Russia and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. We are particularly strong in commodity, energy and financial markets coverage. We also offer excellent coverage of Russian and CIS banking and corporate news. The Russian-language service puts out over 400 news and analysis pieces daily.

While the agency distributes exclusive information from the Russian government, the Central Bank and the parliament, our editorial policy is completely independent. Our opinion pieces and analyses are based on attributed comments by leading analysts. While we do cover major political news, economic and market news is our priority. Among our subscribers are foreign embassies and trade missions, major domestic and foreign investment banks, commodity traders and thousands of Russian and foreign companies. We are one of the most frequently quoted Russian business newswires worldwide. All major international news agencies and business publications are among our subscribers. In June 2003, PRIME announced a content exchange and sales partnership with Dow Jones Newswires, the world's leading provider of real-time business and financial news. Under the terms of the agreement, the partners distribute, market and sell the other's products in their respective markets. In February 2004 PRIME together with Dow Jones Newswires launched DJ Forex, the first Russian-language news service to focus on the foreign exchange markets. The service is targeted at Russians actively trading in currencies, including foreign exchange traders, customers of bank foreign exchange trading portals and corporate treasury departments.

PRIME's English language service publishes around 100 news and analysis pieces daily. News is produced by Western-educated Russian translators, reporters and editors with years of experience in Western news organizations. Native speakers professionally edit the stories. The PRIME English-language service does not translate but rewrites and adapts Russian stories for our clients and produces dozens of original stories and analytical pieces daily. The Russian-language and English-language wires are synchronized so that major news in Russian and English appear at almost the same time. Many English-language stories and features never appear on the Russian wire. Besides the live newswire the English-language service also publishes the News Daily newsletter providing readers with full-fledged information about the major political and business events of the day in Russia and the CIS and the Russian Connection weekly bulletin covering telecom sector in the region.

The agency’s history
The private information-publishing agency PRIME was founded in 1993.

In June 1996, Russian state information agency ITAR-TASS and private information-publishing agency PRIME established the PRIME-TASS business news agency.

In May 2011, following a decision made at an extraordinary general meeting of PRIME-TASS’ shareholders, the agency reverted back to the name PRIME. This was the agency’s original name from the time it was founded in 1993 until 1996.

Since June 11, the agency has been operating under the name PRIME instead of PRIME-TASS, this has also been accompanied by a new logo. The rebranding resulted from independent non-commercial organization AG Novosti Moskvy, part of the RIA Novosti media holding, purchasing a 65% stake in PRIME-TASS, while state information agency ITAR-TASS retained a 35% stake.

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Телеканал ПРО БИЗНЕС – первый и единственный в России телеканал, вещающий от лица реального бизнеса.

Авторы и ведущие телевизионных программ – это генеральные директора компаний, президенты банков, видные промышленники и предприниматели. Вместе со своими гостями они делятся лучшим опытом в области организации того или иного бизнеса, обсуждают ПРАКТИЧЕСКИЕ вопросы управления и решения задач, каждый день встающих перед предпринимателями и менеджерами.


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Financial One - Единственное профессиональное издание о финансовых рынках, инвестициях и биржевой торговле в России. 11 место в рейтинге финансовых СМИ Медиалогии - авторитетное издание среди аудитории финансистов, инвесторов и бизнесменов. Качественные журналистские исследования, объективная аналитика и обзоры финансовых рынков на ежедневно обновляемом новостном портале www.fomag.ru .

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Offshore Pro Group helps successful entrepreneurs and individuals to achieve effective, safe, confidential, affordable and compliant international company structures. We are a worldwide group of professional corporate service providers, focused on provision of these private banking and wealth management services over the internet through a combined marketing channel.

Offshore Pro Group owns OffshoreWealth.info – the first and still the biggest offshore news portal in the Russian language that firmly established Offshore Pro Group as the leaders in internet marketing of offshore services into the burgeoning Russia/CIS market.

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Insider.pro is a multilingual online media about investments, global financial markets and modern lifestyle, offering an exciting approach to economics and the ways it affects our lives. Every day the Insider.pro's teams find the most relevant financial news and articles and deliver them via the website and mobile apps for Android and iOS to the audience of 2 million people. The media is available in six languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, English, Italian, and Arabic.

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The National Banking Journal is the national scale business edition, devoted to the problems of the banking community. It was established by Association of Russian Banks in November, 2003.

The magazine covers a state of the domestic banking market, its part in the development of national economy and society, its place in the world financial system.

Three topical sections “Banks & World”, “Banks & Business”, “Banks & Society” disclose peculiarities of the bank community’s life and its activity in Russia and abroad. Every issue has a key topic, and basic articles refer to it.

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